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How the Application Layer Works

In the previous section we reviewed several aspects of the Transport Layer. We learned a great deal of information; covering sockets, ports, TCP, UDP, segments, and datagrams. Now we will take a look at the fourth and final layer of the TCP/IP stack: the Application Layer. What Does The Application Layer Do? A lot of […]

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How the Transport Layer Works

In the previous section we took a look at the Internet Layer. We took apart the IP header information, reviewed IP addresses and routing information, and briefly discussed ARP and RARP technologies. Next in line we have the Transport layer- the layer responsible for actually getting the data packets to a specific location. When we […]

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How the Internet Layer Works

In the previous section, we learned about the Network Access layer. Essentially we learned more about the anatomy of a frame, physical addressing, and what exactly the physical layer accomplishes. Don’t relax yet- we still have three layers to go! What the Internet Layer Is Responsible For The Internet Layer is used to deliver data […]

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How the Network Access Layer Works

Perhaps one of the most mysterious layers of the TCP/IP model is the Network Access Layer. It is the layer responsible for interfacing with your network’s architecture- something the everyday user can’t see. As we can’t physically interact with the Network Access Layer, how it works often eludes networking students. If you haven’t already, you […]

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How Encapsulation Works Within the TCP/IP Model

In the previous section we reviewed the TCP/IP and OSI model. For the sake of clarity, we will be using the TCP/IP model to demonstrate encapsulation, as compared to the OSI model. If you are still struggling with grasping concepts of the TCP/IP model you may wish to view the previous section once more. Otherwise, […]

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The TCP/IP Stack and the OSI Model

In the previous section, we learned that TCP/IP is a suite of protocols and rules. It allows us to communicate with other computers and devices over a connection oriented network. What we didn’t cover was the TCP/IP and OSI model- which helps us understand the TCP/IP suite in a manner of layers and modules. The […]

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An Introduction To Tcp/Ip

TCP/IP , or Transmission Control protocol/Internet Protocol, is literally the backbone of internet and network communication. The concepts of TCP/IP are difficult to grasp without previous experience, so don’t be dismayed if it doesn’t click instantly. To better help you out, we’ll start from the very beginning- with a definition of just what a network […]

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