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The Basics of Network Cable Testing

If 90% of all problems in a network are on the Physical Layer, then it isn’t any surprise that cable testing has become quite important in the industry. And although it may sound simple to test a pair of cables for faults, actually troubleshooting wire maps, crosstalk, propagation delay, or insertion loss can be more […]

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The Difference Between Straight Through, Crossover, And Rollover Cables

There are generally three main types of networking cables: straight-through, crossover, and rollover cables. Each cable type has a distinct use, and should not be used in place of another. So how do you know which cable to use for what you need? The Purpose of Straight-Through Cables Straight-through cables get their name from how […]

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A Brief Overview Of Networking Media

There is all sorts of networking media lying around for the taking. We have copper-base media, optical fiber, and the new contender: wireless. This article covers a brief overview of each networking media type. By no means is this a complete guide to every single networking media type, but instead it is geared towards what […]

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A Brief Overview Of Cabling LANs And WANs

If you take a moment to think about how your computer is accessing the internet, you’ll notice that it isn’t as simple as it sounds. Every LAN and WAN must follow strict specifications to function correctly. As a result, every good networking technician or student should know how to cable LANs and WANs. Recommended Ethernet […]

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