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Free Cisco Poster Offer

World Data Products, a hardware lifecycle management company based in Minnesota, caught my eye with their free Cisco poster offer. Not one to pass up geeky wall memorabilia, I sent them my contact information here. It only took about two minutes to fill out the form and have it queued for mailing. Around a month […]

6Mar2010 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Download Packet Tracer 5 For Free

Packet Tracer 5 is a software suite used to train computer-networking students for CCNA certification. Its primary aim is towards students that don’t have constant access to a Cisco network of devices. It comes standard with tutorials, help topics, and troubleshooting tips that are present in every layer of the OSI model. Packet Tracer 5 […]

16Dec2009 | | 74 comments | Continued
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Enable Passwords On Cisco Routers Via Enable Password And Enable Secret

Security is a part of every good technical administrator’s game plan. Luckily the good folks at Cisco have made the task of securitizing a Cisco router fairly straightforward in design- with support given for up to five types of passwords. Taking advantage of these passwords is vital to a network’s internal security, and should be […]

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