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Cisco Poster

World Data Products, a hardware lifecycle management company based in Minnesota, caught my eye with their free Cisco poster offer.

Not one to pass up geeky wall memorabilia, I sent them my contact information here. It only took about two minutes to fill out the form and have it queued for mailing.

Around a month later I had long forgotten about the poster, until I received it in the mail along with this accompanying letter:

Dear XXX,

Thank you for your interest in World Data Products. Enclosed you will find the Cisco Poster you requested from our website. This has been recently updated to include new router, switch, and firewall models and provides at-a-glance information on model capacities, interface cards, and available features. We hope you find this a valuable reference tool for network planning, network implementations and upgrades.

As the industry leader in Hardware Lifecycle Management, we deliver world-class solutions for server, storage, and network applications. Covering everything from planning thru disposal & recycling, World Data Products is committed to delivering the highest level of expertise available.

I will be following up with a phone call to ensure you’ve received the poster and answer any questions you might have about World Data Products and Hardware Lifecycle Management. If you have any questions or need help with any of your server, storage, or network needs, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Jay Roemhildt

World Data Products

What The Cisco Poster Contains

It wasn’t immediately clear as to what the poster consisted of when I saw the offer on their website. There wasn’t much information regarding the poster and the sample image (seen above) is too small to actually read anything.

The poster outlines the major routers and switches and their specifications. Some specifications include:

  • Flash memory
  • Amount of switching ports
  • Slots for different network modules
  • Power supply information
  • Throughput
  • VLAN Maximums

I arrived at the conclusion that this poster is perfect for a Cisco Academy class or for a workplace. It provides good reference for building new networks or just for new students to get an idea on what Cisco offers.

Closing Comments

I did decide that the poster was perhaps too technical for something I would need in my home; I ended up donating it to the local community college.

Now if WDP, the kind souls they are, would create a quick Cisco router configuration cheat sheet- it would be in my room without a second thought. Even when I’m not tinkering with my own routers and switches on my home network, I’m always using Packet Tracer to create new labs and tutorials. It would be nice to look up from my desk and see the basic IOS commands instead of having to consult the Cisco Bible or different websites. Something to think about, World Data Products! (hint hint)

I’d like to personally thank WDP for their generosity and urge them to keep up the great work!

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  1. I love this poster! It saves me a lot of time because I do not need to search though pages and pages of Cisco data sheets, configuration guides, Q&A, etc. My rep at WDP is Kevin Kuemmel who I’ve recommended to a lot of my connections in the networking field here in Illnois. He has great pricing on refurbished hardware that met my budget. Call 952-261-0506 and ask for Kevin. Tell him Klean Beef sent you!

  2. Thanks for writing this blog! If you wouldn’t mind, could you change the link to the cisco poster to “”, please? The current link you have is actually tracking code for a PPC campaign we have running and would like to try and stear clear of skewing our data.

    Thanks again for posting this to your blog!

  3. I love networking site. So, I interest your offers. I am computer Engineer base subject is Networking & CCNA complete.

  4. great job! an advice as am preparing to start cisco academy. hope any help.

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